Base Price $24,995


Take advantage of the our pre-launch package pricing. We put together this Ultimate Package for sales before 2020. This package can be customized with plug-n-play add-ons like Automatic Tool Changer, Tool setter  and  4th axis. Lead time is around  8-10 week


It took us almost 2 half years to build and countless revisions. To make the mill that you have been asking for.

Starting from scratch we set off to build a ground up mill that would have everything that you would want with a price tag that would not break the bank.

A couple highlights that we knew that it needed are, Industrial Grade Servos, Precision Linear Rails, Ground Ball Screws, Hi Speed Servo Spindle Motor (8,000 RPM) and to wrap it all up… A beautifully designed Mill Enclosure the has Flood Coolant and a Chip Management System, Built in..

With the beefed up Spindle Motor we added. We knew you would need a BT30 spindle with Power Draw-bar so you can make chips in any alloy. Like Harden Steel, Titanium and of course Aluminum..

This Mill is the Real Deal! You are not going to find a better machining center anywhere. Period..

Lets talk about the Enclosure.

  • 10 ga. Steel base

  • Powder Coated (not painted)

  • Polycarbonate Windows

  • X30 Control Panel w/ 22.5”  Touch Screen Monitor (opt) and MPG controls (opt)

  • Coolant & Chip Management System (opt)

  • Liner bearing Enclosure Doors

  • Door Lock System (opt)

  • Tool Tray (opt)

  • BT30 Tool Holder (opt)

  • Cabinet Lighting (opt)

  • Can be moved with a pallet jack

  • Portable hand wheel (opt)

  • Full Electronics Cabinet

What’s Under The Hood

  •  Meehanite casting main frame with annealed & stress relieved for long term reliability

  • 8 tools ATC armless

  • 3HP spindle motor

  • 8,000 rpm spindle speed

  • 3 axes Precision linear guide way

  • Precision ball screws for high accuracy and long lasting

  • Automatic Oiler

  • 100% laser tested for positioning accuracy & repeatability

  • Telescopic steel way covers on all three axes

  • BT30 spindle taper

  • Coolant system

  • Central lubrication system

  • Delta Servo Motors

  • Delta VFD-VE Inverter

  • Rigid tapping (opt)

  • Portable hand wheel (opt)


Longitudinal travel (X-axis) 13.75"
Cross travel (Y-axis) 9.45"
Vertical travel (Z axis) 14.25"
Spindle nose to table top (D) 1.18" to 15.50"
Spindle center to column front surface 10.25"
Spindle taper BT30, pull force=30kg
Spindle speed 8000 rpm
Transmission of spindle & motor Belts
Table Size 31.88” x 9.84”
Max. Table capacity 220 lbs
T-Slot (Thread x width/ Base H x W) 1/2"-13 / .625" / .34375" / 1"
T-Slot Spacing 4.125"
Spindle motor/max torque 3HP
Servo motors on XYZ 0.75 kW
Coolant pump 1/8 HP
Lubrication pump 150 W
Power requirement 40A, Sinngle Phase, 230-240V (Max)
Feed Rate
Rapid feed rate X/Y/Z: 300/300/300 IPM
Cutting feed rate 1 - 400 IPM
Automatic Tool Changer
No, of tools 8
Max tool Length 7.5"
Max tool diameter 2"
Max tool weight 10 lbs
Dimension & Weight
Length x width x height 50" x 42" x 56"
Net weight 1586 lbs